Naturally every client wants to know what to expect during a boudoir session. Our team will be on hand for all of your needs, even long after your session. We will work with you to design your session, working hand in hand with one of our hair and make up artists and styling your session to reflect your personality. Sessions typically last about 45 to 90 minutes, depending on hair and make up, and are very laid-back with an all female team.

You will arrive a little nervous but mostly excited and that is normal. Caroline will help you pick out your outfits and style your session with your hair and make up artist. You will then sit back and relax for your hair and make up makeover. Next comes the fun part, your portrait session! Champagne and music can do wonders for ambiance, but if that isn’t your thing, be assured that after the first few clicks, and some gentle encouragement, you will loosen up. There is no right or wrong, and either way will be elegantly provocative and always sophisticated.

After your session, we will set a date and welcome you back to our studio for your complementary in person viewing/product ordering sales session, where we will personally assist and guide you in your product selection process.

the experience

it's all about you!

1. Send us an email or call us by phone and chat with Donna
2. Tell us your wildest boudoir dreams.
3. Schedule an appointment with Boudoir By Olin
4. Prepare for your shoot with our guidance
5. Go over our boudoir session guide
6. Arrive for hair and make up makeover pre-session
7. Style your outfits with Caroline
8. Have an amazing photo shoot with Caroline
9. Don't forget to laugh and have fun!
10. Hang tight while Caroline curates your photographs
11. Return to our studio and view photos at your premiere session
12. Order only the products you love.
13. Receive your gorgeous products and enjoy!

All set? Be sure to book your session today and get started!

THE Process



It's more than just seduction. It's about feeling good in your own skin. It's about passion. It's about confidence. It's about intimacy. It's about sensuality. It's about women. It's a girl thing.

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